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Post by steve » Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:20 pm

Welcome to the Cycles 4D user forum!

This is the forum for users of Cycles 4D from INSYDIUM. You are welcome to post comments, suggestions and requests for help in this forum, but please note the following:

1. DO NOT post questions or problems about licencing or serial number issues here. We will not answer such questions in the open forum for security/confidentiality reasons. Please contact our sales team via the email address you received on purchase, or through the Cycles 4D website.

2. If you are asking for help with something please post a file demonstrating the thing you want help with. If you cannot post a file for reasons of confidentiality you may contact Cycles 4D support through our website and submit the file there. Please note that tracking down problems without a scene file to work with is extremely time-consuming and we may not be able to help you in the absence of a scene file.

3. If you do post a scene file, PLEASE keep it as simple as possible, just the bare minimum required to demonstrate what it is you need help with. If the file is too complex we may ask you to simplify it first.

Thank you,

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