Explosia FX - Rendering & IPR Issue - C4D R18

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Explosia FX - Rendering & IPR Issue - C4D R18

Post by AkehuMa » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:24 pm

Hi all,

I'm jumping into Expolsia FX for the first time in Cycles 4D.

Currently using C4D R18.057, Cycles Build 1.0.0247.

When building a fresh scene and following the simple steps for Explosia rendering from the Insydium tutorial - I'm presented with a solid black box in the IPR (and eventual render) the encompasses the area of the Explosia source and smoke/fuel/fire sim.

When interacting with the Cycles Volume material (not changing any values - simply clicking between nodes) occasionally the IPR will jump to showing the expected result from the scattering, absorption and emission.
Also when clicking the Black body node - the IPR will temporarily display the solid Blackbody value over the Black Cube.

I downloaded the 'XP4_IBC_ExplosiaFX01_object_burn_simple' scene from the Cycles repository to check that I wasn't setting up the scene incorrectly - initially the IPR displayed the burn sim as expected, when I opened the Volume Material applied to the Explosia Domain the IPR immediately displayed a Solid Black box instead of the previous Emission/Absorbtion/Scattering.
After closing the material the Black Box remained in the IPR (even after pausing - re-starting the scene, closing and re-opening C4D).

I'm on PC, Windows 10, 2x 980ti cards.

Has anybody else encountered this issue?

I was hoping it was just a simple mistake I'd made - but as it presents itself with Insydiums sample scenes I'm imagining it's a bug?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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