a few ideas

Things you'd like to see in future versions of Cycles 4D.
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a few ideas

Post by nickyc » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:40 pm

Hey there,

I really like the work what you have done, the node editor works much better now and faster and yeay deleting nodes works now :lol:
I am experimenting a lot with this renderer lately and that is because it feels good, and the results are great.
I feel that there is so much possible and this is only the start of this engine.
Arnold is great but not as stable, heck, I never had an engine that is this stable, octane is still faster and probably the thing I would love most is that the feedback was faster but that is not up to you guys.

Two suggestions I have are, the map thingy in the node editor, smaller and fixed to the left corner below. It pops all over the place on my laptop. And 2, most of the time I use a c4d shader and when I am happy with the placement I convert it to a cycles material but it would be awesome if we could see the texture still in the viewport, arnold has an option for that and octane also has something that works kinda. It feels good to have feedback without rendering sometimes.

Also a triplanar node perhaps?

Nevertheless I love this update and the new x-particles, great job!!!
Have a great christmass!!!

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Re: a few ideas

Post by Martin » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:49 pm

Mohamed already said that there is no way to show textures in the viewport because they are compiled at render time and there is an option in RTP render menu (Viewport).

When checked, the rendered result from the real-time preview will also be shown in the viewport (note: the scene is not actually rendered to the viewport; instead, the preview image is copied to the viewport). You don't have to have the real-time preview window open to show the render in the viewport, but the preview must not be paused.

You can move minimap where you want in Preferences > Cycles 4D. Turn off using icon but if we could resize it would be perfect.

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